About Us

This project was created by a group of individuals who came together in the spring of 2014 when the initial and inadequate budget proposal was published. We are two concerned Dallas Animal Shelter Commission members (Jennifer Roberts and Chris Watts) and an intrepid designer (Scott Benton) who wanted to find a way to demonstrate how vital DAS services are to the community. This map is the result of our efforts.

We are committed to seeing a better Dallas for all of its inhabitants – human or otherwise – and we appreciate your support.

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Dallas Animal Services clients on the map: 952

Put Yourself on the Map

Please tell us what DAS services you have used in the past.
  • I adopted a pet from DAS.

  • I fostered or adopted a pet pulled from DAS by a rescue group.

  • My pet was spayed or neutered at a DAS clinic.

  • My pet was vaccinated at DAS or at a DAS event.

  • DAS helped unite me with a lost pet.

  • DAS assisted me with a wildlife issue.

  • I surrendered an animal to DAS.

  • I called 311 to report a DAS-related issue (loose dogs, animal neglect, etc.)

  • DAS assisted me with a stray animal.

  • DAS assisted me with an injured or cruelly treated animal.

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